Your Color (Deine Farbe)

1h 22m 6s | USA | 2020 | Director: Maria Diane Ventura | Australian Premiere  


Hailing from disparate backgrounds, Karl and Albert bond over their desire to escape their small town existence and move to Barcelona, in search of a happier life. With their mutual sense of humour and provocative ideas, they decide to document their youthful adventures with the dream of sharing their passions publicly. Upon settling and realising life is not as easy as expected, their resistance to normalcy finds them walking divergent paths. Unbeknownst to Karl, Albert starts experiencing personal troubles but pride and fear of revealing his secrets drives him to the edge. What was originally meant to be a harmless idea becomes an instrument for self-destruction as Albert documents his own tragic exposé.

  • Director: Maria Diane Ventura

  • Writer: Maria Diane Ventura

  • Writer: Hella Wenders

  • Producer: Chloe Reisen

  • Producer: Kirill Krasovsky

  • Producer:  Maria Diane Ventura

  • Producer:  Nicos Beatty


  • Key Cast: Jannik Schümann

  • Key Cast: Nyamandi Adrian

  • Key Cast: Juan Carlos Lo Sasso

  • Language: English, German

  • Country: USA

  • Genre: Drama