1h | Australia | 2020 | Artist: Shaun Wilson | Rating: G

Presented by Bakers Road Entertainment and MARS Gallery

Recently screened at the VPB program of the 77th Venice Film Festival, 'Winter Orbit' is a slow cinema monument to the lockdown of COVID-19 from Australian artist Shaun Wilson, writer Pearl Wilson, and composer Darrin Verhagen aka Sinjuku Thief. Wilson positioned models into poses located in German medieval paintings from the Black Plague era to recontextualise new spaces both in terms of a ‘memory’ of the former and invite questions as to the meta-validity of memory versus the post- sustainability of simulacra.

Winter Orbit is the forth instalment from the contemporary art series The 51 Paintings Suite filmed in Australia, Germany and England.

Filmed and directed: Shaun Wilson
Text: Pearl Wilson
Score: Shinjuku Thief
Titles: Monique Wright

Artist: Shaun Wilson

Language: English

Country: Australia

Genre: Art


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