14m 42s | France | 2020 | Director: Michael Chereau | Australian Premiere

Night has just fallen. It’s time to go to sleep, except for Sandier whose hard work has only just begun. On his bike, a big canvas bag full of sand in the back, he crosses the city to put the children to sleep. In front of a house, ready to enter, he discovers that he has awkwardly left his bag on his bike. He turns around and discovers with amazement that his bike has disappeared.

  • Director: Michael Chereau

  • Writer: Michael Chereau

  • Key Cast: Raphaël Mondon

  • Key Cast: Emmanuel Karsen

  • Key Cast: Vincent Schmitt

  • Key Cast: Bernard Pinet

  • Key Cast: Ludmila Ruoso

  • DOP: Alexandre Lorenzo

  • Language: French

  • Country:  France

  • Genres: Black Comedy

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