1h 39m 6s | Australia | 2020 | Artist: Richard Grant


This program shows a range of moving image work made over the last 30 years by Australian artist Richard Grant. He is an image-maker whose work producing visuals for brands and sound artists spans over two decades. Grant’s trademark style is non-narrative and intensely visceral, and there is a strong futurist aesthetic that runs throughout his body of work. In particular, Grant’s visuals produce a sense of de-materialising and re-materialising, layering images and magnifying details in a way that pushes the viewer to reimagine their relationship with space and time. Grant’s recent works elicit the ghost of the analogue in the digital age, paradoxically perhaps, these analogue elements are infused with a particularly science-fictional sensibility – they appear as a kind of data visualisation or animations of deep space.

Black Lung - NXIVM II

Inversion Test

RGrant - Dirty Computer

RGrant - DSOM_2

Shinjuku Thief - Delete Resound

Shinjuku Thief - Komachi Ruins

Snog - Cliche

  • Artist: Richard Grant

  • Language: English

  • Country: Australia

  • Genre: Art