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Monique Wright



The residency work will produce multiple illustrations by investigating hidden darkness in illustration. The philosophical elements raised in this work contextualise the negative impact on the environment by mankind through dark themes and subject matter. One of the key aspects of the work engages juxtaposition and encourages closer inspection by considering how observation of the works deliberate stylistic illustration as a narrational tool will offer a deeper interpretation. These are manifested through illustration style and colour choices to produce work responding to the dark subject matter. Some of the theoretical effacements of the work draw reference to environmental concerns, pollution, and nature's response by posing that the ocean might defend itself in response to human interference and how this is a universal issue. It is critical to engage these key concepts when observing as a means to come to terms with the dark thematics through Monique's studio practice. In doing so the significance of these new works contributes to her field of research by drawing parallels between the work of Eastern animation and western illustration, especially the Japanese master marker tradition.

Monique Wright is an Australian artist and animator who addresses the relationship of human impact on the environment in her work through juxtaposition of colour and subject matter. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Animation) from RMIT University in 2013 and a Bachelor of Creative Arts (hons) from Deakin University. Since graduating Monique has become a freelancer.

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