Q: ghostly remote effect

Director: Marcus Hanisch | Sci-Fi, Drama | 19m 43s | Germany | 2019 | Australian Premiere 

In the future. A hi-tech-lab. Scientist P is testing quantum-gynoid Q and sets off on a mission to an undiscovered nature. On the journey she discovers a ghostly remote effect between herself and the robot. Will she maintain in control, when nature starts changing?


Director: Masoud Soheili | Drama | 15m | Afghanistan | 2020

A mini-bus is on a journey across the mountains to Kabul. Each person on the bus has a reason to take this journey. An old man is travelling to give a turkey to his grandchild, as his last wish before dying. However, the main road is blocked by insurgents. They decide to use an alternative road, which is not very secure, and there is still the possibility of getting caught by insurgents.

Snow Shelter

Director: Robertas Nevecka | Animation | 16m 9s | Lithuania | 2020 | Australian Premiere 

Frigid winter in a war-devastated, present-day city. Several years have passed since the destruction, and the city is slowly rebuilding. A thirty-year-old guy is living as a squatter in an apartment with a group of strangers. He struggles to survive and also to find a little more comfort in this rough setting. One night he nearly burns the flat down, hoping for a warmer sleep. His roommates start hating him, so the guy has to find another shelter.

Deus Otiosus

Director: Mat Braddy | Sci-fi | 17m 27s | United Kingdom | 2020 | Australian Premiere

An iron-age society, Bryana, a pregnant hunter, loses her husband to pestilence. Exiled from home, she hunts for a hermit believed to have magic and demands to know why he does nothing to help. Unfortunately this god has been far from idle...

Midnight Movie:Magnum Opus

Director: Myriam Khammassi | Thriller | 12m 48s | Tunisia | 2020 | Australian Premiere

In his quest for the perfect sculpture, aiming to reproduce the human body and especially the flesh, Slim, a sculptor, will go as far as kill to create the perfect exposure, the perfect mix between pulp and clay.


Director: Vincenzo De Sio | Animation | 5m | Italy | 2020 | Australian Premiere

BEATRICE is a tribute short film to one of the greatest Cinema figures, Beatrice Vitoldi, protagonist of the "Odessa Stairs" in "The Battleship Potemkin". She was a great Italian actress and a Great Woman committed in society and politics. A Girl and a SteamBot guide us discovering a Great woman who paid with her life her commitment.

A Peculiar Week in My Dream Journal, May 1973

Directors: Ryan + Rachel Betschart-Nakawatase | Experimental | 6m 17s | United States | 2019 | Australian Premiere

O sun, to tell thee how I hate thy beams. That bring to my remembrance from what state I fell...  An ode to the Beast; who was felt strongly during the 1970s, when Americans had idle time for metaphysical inquiry, as benefit from the racism of their forefathers, in turn setting in motion an attempt towards a mass liberation of consciousness, which, succumbing to arrogance, unsuccessfully bid to help remove the psychological chains imposed upon others, chains which were the genesis of the aforementioned teenage thought liberation. A feedback loop of failed promises inherited by lies.