GIFF Shorts Session 3


Drama | 1h 33m 

GIFF21 Official Selection | 5x Australian Premiere

Screening from 3-11 July 2021


This is a collection of France short films.

Language: France (English Subtitles)




Director: Lucas Fabiani | 20m | Australian Premiere | Drama | 2020 

Country: France |  Language: English, French, Russia

"In Eastern Ukraine, Terry and his team of forensic doctors are working on the crash of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight. Pressed by the proximity of the fighting in progress, they must quickly identify the corpses of their compatriots. Between the Russian soldiers who supervise the operation and Terry’s team, the tension is palpable: they do not agree on the identity of one of the bodies. Against a backdrop of cultural shock and homophobia, a violent and unexpected discussion will lead everyone to confront the harsh reality.




Director: Noémie Merlant  | 25m | Australian Premiere | Coming of age | 2020 

Country: France |  Language: French, Romanian

While trying to save her family from a return to the street, Shakira, a young gypsy woman, meets Marius, a member of a robber gang...

Smoky Mountain



Director: Albert Oriol | 19m 32s | Australian Premiere | Drama | 2019 

Country: France |  Language: French, Cambodian

Sony, a Cambodian 8 years old child, leaving on a garbage dump is dispelled from home by his father. Left to himself, he's taken care of by an association, allowing him to go to school and discover a new life. Sony seams to adapt quickly but still...

The Wake



Director: Riad Bouchoucha |  24m 12s | Australian Premiere  | Drama |  2019 

Country: France |  Language: French

Salim comes to collect at his mother’s body. But very quickly between religious customs that he does not understand and the constant comings and goings of strangers, the young man feels uncomfortable in the small family apartment. When Imad arrives as a prodigal brother, it is too much for Salim.




Director: Grégory Robin | 4m 40s | Australian Premiere | Experimental | 2020

Country: France |  Language: French

Stop everything. (where is the world going.)