The G Biennale (GB) is a major cultural event which places outstanding and significant cinema, art, theatre, dance, music, and architecture housed in rotational instances from local, national, and international contributions. Its ethos is born from a need for greater cultural innovation from hybrid online and physical events through to present quirky, risky, vibrant, thought-provoking, and enriched projects within the seven nodes of celebration.




Li Ping Thong

Dr Li Ping Thong is a lecturer and program manager of the Digital Media program at RMIT University. Li Ping has vast experience practising, teaching and researching in a myriad range of digital media specialisations, including 2D/3D animation, interactive media, app development, serious games, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). 


Leon Marvell

Formerly an Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media at Deakin University, Dr. Marvell has taught Film and Media Studies in Australia, P. R. China and Cyprus. A regular contributor to art and media journals, he is the author of The Physics of ‘Transfigured Light: The Imaginal Realm and the Hermetic Foundations of Science’ and co-author of ‘Endangering Science Fiction Film’ (American Film Institute Film) and has contributed scholarly chapters to a number of books on contemporary media arts. He is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Visual Arts at the University of Melbourne.


Jessika Schwientek

Jessica Schwientek is a fine art photographer and educator practicing in Naarm, Melbourne.  She holds an honours degree from Deakin University in photography and was the director of NOIR Darkroom and Gallery. Photography is a loose term for Jessica's practice with an emphasis on the alternative and the experimental acknowledging that the photograph does not always portray absolute truth.Predominantly working with photographic film she is drawn to the imperfections and limitations the medium affords.