Music Video Clip | 1h 22m 

Official Selection | 3x World Premiere 15x Australian Premiere 1x Victorian Premiere

This is a collection of music clips for Cinema21.

'Klaud' Official Selection The G Biennale21



Director: Aurélia Mengin | 3m 21s | Experimental, Music Clip | Australian Premiere | 2020 

Country: Réunion | Language: No Dialogue

The stigma of your absence covers my skin...

What if this life of memories was just a strange and astounding carnival ?



Director: Diego Martins | 5m 58s | Music Video | Australian Premiere | 2020 

Country: Brazil | Language: No Dialogue

In an apartment at the Copan Building, in São Paulo, Jesuíta Barbosa embarks on a poetic journey of discoveries and desires in a space and time scrambled by architecture and light. The character sets out on a journey of connection, exploring his body in a solitary dance at Niemeyer's building.



Director: Chris Friend |  6m 6s | Music Video | Australian Premiere |  2021 

Country: USA |  Language: English

The Pleasure-U BioDrone, her only assistant, has contracted an undiagnosed mental-disease. Kate Shaw is forced to amputate its head and keep the body alive in the Pleasure Center Casket, normally reserved for paying, near deceased clients. The BioDrone’s head, inside a reprogramming bag, continuously calls to Kate’s brain with strange visions.



Director: Dimitris Giouzepas | 3m 46s | Music Video | Australian Premiere | 2020 

Country: Greece | Language: No Dialogue

Unsettling visuals for an unsettling tune, an ever-evolving Rorschach inkblot, an ungrasped idea



Director: Ksenia Vasilkova | 3m 27s | Music Clip | World Premiere | 2021

Country: Russia |  Language: Russian

A young man works as a helicopter technician meets a blondie girl and they fall in love.



Director: Ella Chau | 3m 38s  | Music Video | 2020 

Country: Australia | Language: English

A journey through an urban fantasy land created for the track ‘PEAK’ from French Concession. The clip reflects isolation and an introspective view from the artist, and was produced in the early days of Covid lockdown 2020.



Director: Paul Stafford | 3m 4s | Music Clip | Australian Premiere | 2020

Country: UK |  Language: English

When a pterodactyl attacks two musicians from the rock band First Frontier in SE London they have to Take Cover and use their music to escape.



Director: Jackson Hayat | 3m 46s | Music Video | World Premiere | 2020 

Country: Australia | Language: English

Whilst mundanely binging television programs, James becomes engrossed in a vibrant karaoke show, though things start to get all too real when the the performers succeed the limits of the screen.



Director: Lachlan Bembrick | 5m 51s | Music Video | Victoria Premiere | 2020 

Country: Australia | Language: English

Official Music Video for the song "Dreams" by electronic artist Romain Quessaud JSZ.



Director: Jairo Neto | 3m 42s | Australian Premiere | Music Video | 2020

Country: Brazil |  Language: France, Portugal

Based on a collage of memories and recollections of a not so distant past, this animated music video for the Brazilian musician Caetano Malta combines the surrealistic animation aesthetic with the remotely shot images from the singers.



Director: Lisa Kimura | 4m 44s | Music Clip | Australian Premiere | 2020

Country: Japan |  Language: Japanese

In this video, they used many multiple exposures, kind of hand-made analog effects with glass and water, etc. This video theme is "From words to images and changes into music," and visualise the process of making a song.



Director: Béchir "Jiwee" Jouini | 3m | Australia Premiere | Music Video |  2020 

Country: France | Language: English

What if the walls could talk? In the new clip for CARAVAN PALACE, a city comes alive to the rhythm of graffiti. Caught up in this new animated world, our protagonist will then find himself plastered on the wall as a black and white poster (in the manner of JR).



Director: Lauren Bessey | 5m | Music Video | 2020 

Country: Australia | Language: English

Teen girl, Adeline, is stuck in an unsatisfying life, caught up in being prim, perfect, and proper. After years of being caved in by the claustrophobic belief that appearances and money are everything in society and her world, Adeline urges herself to escape.



Director: Kathy Sarpi | 6m 7s | Music Clip | 2019

Country: Australia |  Language: English

A wedding video turned dance party that celebrates love by drawing attention to the subtle interactions and expressions of two rather introverted people.



Director: Renat Ibragimov | 3m 38s | Animation, Music Video | Australian Premiere | 2020 

Country: Russian Federation | Language: English

Night journey through the night city. No plot movie, just Good Vibes Only



Directors: Kim Collmer |  2m 53s | Music Video |  Australian Premiere | 2021 

Country: Germany |  Language: No Dialogue

Water, light and land swoon together to the slow rhythm of Jeff McGrory's soundscape. A simple, dreamy summer film evoking the soft feelings of a warm day.



Director: Sam Osborn Rassaby, Bryce Padovan | 5m 23s | Music Video | 2020 

Country: Australia | Language: English

Stood up one too many times by her GYM JUNKIE boyfriend, our hellbent heroine decides it's time for revenge! With the help of some hired muscle and plenty of lyrca, she's about to show Johnny the true meaning of getting shredded. Gym Junkie is equal parts sassy, funky and a little bit scary.



Director: Jessica Daugherty | 4m 34s | Music Clip | Australian Premiere | 2020

Country: USA |  Language: English

A music video with lyrics and performance by Brad Hamers and beats by Frietboer and Eigenheimer in which we reimagine the fate of Atreyu's beloved horse, Artax. Archival footage in the public domain is painstakingly pasted together in this collage that depicts the struggle to survive this mess.



Director: Vasilios Papaioannu | 6m 6s | Music Video | Australian Premiere | 2020 

Country: USA |  Language: English

Music video for Leo Crandall's "How" included in the album "Unknowable and Stunning Thing". Shot in 16mm and Super 8 film.



Director: Erica Schreiner | 3m | Music Video | Australian Premiere | 2020 

Country: USA | Language: English

Psychedelic art rock band The Grasping Straws will be releasing a music video for the song “Help” from their upcoming EP, Signs of Life. The video is produced by Bushwick video and performance artist Erica Schreiner.



Director: Jake Armstrong | 4m 50s | Music Clip | 2020

Country: USA |  Language: English

The Murlocs from Melbourne Australia share 2 members of the Band King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Take a psychedelic journey through with this depressed character into his quest to transform his life into something worthwhile.



Director: Gianvincenzo Pugliese | 3m 3s | Music Video | World Premiere | 2020 

Country: Italy | Language: Italian

As I was building “Pecore Nere” s videoclip, I found myself unwrapping the emotional story of my family, juxtaposing the images that instinct suggested to me with dreamlike connections, never fully narrative. Since it’s an independent / no budget project, I was paradoxically free to shape those images with care.



Director: Joy Castañeda | 3m 18s | Music Video | Australian Premiere | 2021 

Country: USA | Language: Spanish

A woman ¨La que es¨ to the sound of the music that tells her to move her body, appears tied and her mission is to be able to free herself, and thus connect with the most primitive, dance and painting, ancestral manifestations of the human being to express herself . It is a fight between the futuristic and our past.



Director: sic [sic] | 3m 4s | Music Clip | 2020

Country: Australia |  Language: English

Music Video for the song "Chimera" by the artist Ogg Vorbis.  After contact with infected bats, strange ground crawlers morph into colourful synchronized dancers. Either that, or you're having a nightmare.



Director: Ricardo Sêco | 2m 55s | Music Video | Australian Premiere | 2020 

Country: Brazil | Language: English

Music video for the music "Olodé“, performed by brazilian musician Kiko Dinucci. Stop motion made by photos taken during the pandemic time in the streets of São Paulo.