Director: Oriane Descout


1h 35m | France | 2020

Language: French, Portuguese   

Australian Premiere

In 2011, Oriane leaves France to become involved in an alternative lifestyle with Marreco, her Brazilian life partner, in rural Brazil. Guided by the desire to create an anti-capitalist utopia and to build her own earth house, she films in the first person the challenges she has to face during a seven-year adventure. Animation scenes are superimposed on the film images, representing the dreams and anxieties of the couple. In the background takes place the political situation of Brazil and the collective and self-managed organisation in which they will try to find a way out.



Born in 1987 in Saint-Nazaire, she chooses to specialize in the documentary at l'École Louis Lumière where she makes "Ecrit dans la Marge" about a self-managed secondary school. In Paris she gets involved in the fight for undocumented people with whom she directs a few shorts. In the same time she coaches vidéo workshops for an association. In 2011, she settles in Brazil and makes the web-series "Brazil, Marcio...and I?", which presents her new way of life and the questions it rises. She also directs other films on agroecology and education.

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