The Geelong Eco Film Festival (GECO) is a celebration of contemporary cinema held annually in Geelong, Australia. It was founded in 2019 by Australian producer Tammy Honey to showcase national and international film making. Geelong (pronounced 'Gee-long') is a vibrant southern port city in Victoria, one hour south-west of Melbourne, based on the Wathaurong Aboriginal name 'Djilong'.  The festival will open on 15 December 2020, at Village Cinemas located at the Geelong Theatre, which has screened motion pictures since 1913 and is one of the oldest cinemas in the region.

Mission Statement

GECO will celebrate local, national and international environmental cinema with an open-access and curated official selection of narrative, documentary, animation, and live-action ranging from feature, shorts and long short films.


Provide the community of Geelong with a celebration of local, national and international world-class cinema

Provide open access screening opportunities for local filmmakers and film artists


Host a substantial public screening program in a multi-cinema venue

Establish an annual festival event to showcase current and future cinematic arts

Engage with local audiences to build new screen culture communities and networks 

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The Geelong International Biennale (GIB) is a major cultural event in Geelong, Australia which places outstanding cinema, art, theatre, dance, music, and architecture housed in rotational instances from local, national, and international contributions. Its ethos is born from a need for greater cultural innovation in the region to present quirky, risky, vibrant, thought provoking, and enriched projects within the seven nodes of celebration. 2020 will launch cinema as the inaugural event, combining four international film festivals, GIBCON the biennale’s academic conference, public workshops and talks, a drone event, and special screenings.