The Land of Milk and Honey

11m | Canada | 2020 | Director: Lisa Birke | 360 Experimental Australian Premiere


A 360 degree video space of plenty starts to break apart to reveal the messy constructs (and special effects) holding the illusion together. The Land of Milk and Honey grapples with fertility, loss and the physical, poetic and psychological complexities of the human body.

Free Dome

4m 14s | Ukraine | 2020 | Director: Julia Shamsheieva | Digital artAustralian Premiere


In an endless stream of information, take time for the quiet. Create a motionless world swim at your own pace, enjoying the contemplation of the surrounding and inner world. Immerse into the world of harmony and light. Pause the struggle and unceasing chase. Enjoy the present. The movement is endless. The path stars from nowhere and goes nowhere. Our smooth journey through winding paths permeated by subtle relationships. This journey is meditation a 360 degrees video format.


3m 15s | United States | 2020  | Director: Ryan Schmal Murray | 360 Experimental | Australian Premiere

Eyelydian is a 360° video that uses abstraction, animated geometric patterning, and photographic images inspired by the colours, patterns, and visions seen as light filters through closed eyelids.


5m 22s | France | 2019 | Director: Jérémy Oury | 360 ExperimentalAustralian Premiere

Emersive RV 03.png

"Emersive" is a mesmerizing experience inspired by the first atomic experiments and a futuristic 8-bit universe.

Composed of a single sequence camera shot, this mapping offers an exploration of several spaces of microcosms through grids, low poly and fractal forms based on the architecture of Casa de la Vall with a dominant of bright colours like emerald green and purple typical of synthwave visuals. It makes the spectator slide in a long hypnotic sequence shot requiring the camera movement to adapt in function of the music: rotation, pursuit, fall, rise, advance, retreat.

Tinkah Humility 

4m 42s | Germany | 2020 | Director: Saou Tanaka | ​Musician: Tinkah | 360° music videoWorld Premiere

tinkah2 copy.jpg

Humility is a 360° music video for the Leipzig based drum'n'bass musician Tinkah. 

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